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It is snowing like crazy, fast winds and low temperatures.

Lets have some fun!


15% off all ranks, upgrades, and addons!

Use the coupon code "blizzard" to get the discount when you check out :)

Click here to enter the shop

Sale ends Monday the 23rd

The snow banks are taller then the roof of my car...

My snow blower can't throw the snow any higher...

I am declaring a snow day till Saturday!

10% off everything in the rank store! That includes upgrades!

Use the code "snowday" to get the discount on checkout!



I found out some of our plugins absolutely hate name changes and mojang's uuid lookup system can be a nightmare.

Too many plugins broke when I tested changing names. So if you change your name your stuff will be reset. I Installed a plugin on the hub system that looks for namechanges and forces your original username to not make the plugins all hate you.


1. Digital_Assasin is not longer a mod. This DOES NOT mean there is a position open. His actions and attitude has become a nussance, myself, Hax and polly are tired of dealing with issues involving him. These issues include, but are not limited to; abusing mod powers, talking about drugs, lying, cheating on multiple occasions and mouthing off to staff and players alike. We were also unimpressed by his story making abilities as to why he was demoted in the first place, this by way of making himself look like a victum. The actual reason is he used godmode and fly (Both moderator perks to be used in offical use) to lure a wither to destroy someone else base. This act, and this act alone is why he was demoted.

2. If you tp to someone or you accept a tp request, reguardless of server, it is to be in a safe enviroment. DO NOT cause harm to them unless otherwise understood by both parties. When you accept a TP or TP to someone, it is required that both members are safe. If you agree to meet someone 1 on 1, Do not TP someone else in.

3. MCMMO is there for you to gain power and abblities. Not to farm. Farming on all servers may result in having all stats reset. Also, random griefing of terran for this end in both wicked and FPG may result in being jailed or a banning.

4. If jailed, you are to keep all items on you. If you attempt to pass items on to someone else, expect your inventory to be wiped. If the person willingly accepts them, their inventory will also be wiped.

5. If you PVP log, or tp away while in battle, you will be jailed. This does not include ender pearls. Reguardless of server, If you are in a PVP enviroment, you are to fight. This said, if you tp to someone in this enviroment, set the rules to what the circumstances are. If you violate these cirumstances, expect to be jailed.


This may be added to later.

eli10237 Also, adding on to my previous comment, we never typed out in the old old pvp arena on wicked. You had to run out of an ...
eli10237 "Every PVP Server" is exaggerating I understand as staff you modify the rule to make it work better. Also, I u ...
[Admin] demelicos a Typically, you are jailed for it eli. It has been that way since the beginning of wickedcraft, it was a rule on out form ...

A new rank add on package has been added to the store.
you can now become a BlackSmith! For just $40!
With this addon comes with the following abilities:

  • Allows a user to bypass MCmmo Arcane Repair so that they will never lose or damage enchantments.
  • Gives MCmmo repair abilities and salvage skills a 33.3% better chance to activate fully.
  • The ability to craft all horse armor, Iron, Gold, and Diamond along with saddles and Name Tags!
  • To top it off you can craft every type of grapple hook from wood to diamond with every Grapple hook ability unlocked!

If you do not have a rank your new title will be [BlackSmith] on every server.

You can choose to show the BlackSmith title or your main rank in chat.

This rank addon is persistent throughout the entire hub system.

Derpy Darkness o YAY! I'm gonna buy it
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Our car has no heat or a/c so my brother and I defrosted it with our hands and it was still hard to see!
it was 34c today :sick:
Ouch. Stay warm everyone! Polar Vortex sucks. My friends HOT water pipes for the HEAT froze that's how cold it is here in the dairy state.
i had a half day at school today... my legs froze twice on my walk home... i couldnt even bend them!
happy valentines day y'all!!!!!!! :sick:
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