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Everyone has been bugging me non stop asking when the servers will be updated to 1.8
The answer is that I don't know, I have to wait for Bukkit or Spigot to update first before I can start the update process.

While we wait for the update there is now a 10% off all ranks and rank upgrades!

Simply use the coupon code "isitupdatedyet" to get the discount on checkout.

This sale will end when I fully upgrade all the servers to 1.8

Moogle! Moogle! Moogle! what about that eula thingy? Isn't selling ranks bad?

I have thought about this for a long time as to how we can be in compliance with the eula. The vote points that you have all be receiving will be useable in 1.8 to allow temp access to all the donator ranks. Simply vote and use the points. There will be some changes needed for Hero and Overlord to allow this system to work, this means even more donator perks :)

What about FPG? When is that going to be ready?

We plan to have FPG up and running as soon as humanly possible when we can update to 1.8
The biggest issue with FPG is leveling the mcmmo skills. I didn't want anything to become too over powered and ruin the fun.

[H-Admn] likeapolygraph a One interesting thing could be to figure out if we can have the "material" skills without the "combat&quo ...
[Minion] thewizard789 I would say not use Mcmmo in general. Grinding mobs doesn't mean you're good at pvp. It means you're online often. falli ...
Here is the story of how I caught the griefer :)
Just because the test server is running on a vanilla server I can and will find you if you grief or raid.

I logged in today to find me and Polly's chests raided. Tons of iron gold and my enchanted books taken.
The person or group that took our stuff must be punished!
I started off in gamemode 3 and tping to everyone online to see what they were doing and where they lived. No luck finding any chests with any of the contraband, so I started scanning the logs.

I compiled a list of who logged in and out and their known cords.
I then went to every known log out point and login point that was close to the town.
No luck still.
At this point things were looking dim.

So I grabbed every players data file that was changed since I logged out last night.

This was going to take a while X_X

Luckily only 8 players inventories I had to check :D

I found him!

With nearly every item that was missing!

Not only on the test server but every single WickedCraft server!

How did I get my stuff back?
It was simple. I dumped all the stuff in my inventory into a safe chest then logged out. Swapped the cords in my player file with the griefers. renamed the griefers file to mine and logged in with his inventory now as mine :)

If you grief I will find you!

WellFedHobo Nice. Now can you find out who griefed our town on the 1.8 server between 7:30am -11:00am Central? lots of TNT used, all ...
[Owner] HaxtorMoogle a The person that griefed was simonsch2002
[Mod] Pixelsloper Goodjob Moogle! ...
I have setup a 1.8 pure vanilla test server. When you connect with a 1.8 client you should automatically connect to this server.

All server rules still apply. You will be punished!
No griefing etc..


DNA3e8 What will happen to the 1.8 world in 3ish weeks (after wicked is updated to 1.8?
As you may have noticed, HaxtorMoogle has been working on new designs for the website. I personally noticed that the forums and usernames looked a bit boring so I finally added pretty colors and effects for donors! I hope you all like them and if you want any changes made to the website or find any bugs, as always please inform staff so that we can take care of it as soon as possible!

Also! Say congrats to new moderator Pixelsloper, new Trial-Moderator Vermoordenaar3 and our two new Minions Raging_Mongoose and thewizard789! Thanks for all your hard work in ensuring that our community is a friendly and fun one!
foxhoundgal22 congratz on staff! i like the shiny names ...
Walkingguy101 Congratulations everyone!
[S-Mod] Weasel_1963 Welcome to the team!

August 1st through the 3rd!!!

During this time frame only a few simple laws will be put into effect. ( may be updated later )
  • No Hacking or un-authorized Mods.
  • Staff shall be respected still.
  • Bug abuse will still result in a ban.
  • Damage of spawn or public utilities will not be tolerated.
  • Towns their contents and boarders are to not be touched. Protections will not be disabled. Violation of this will result in harsh punishment.
Everything else is fair game!

All land outside towns is PVP!
The ability to fly is disabled.
God mode is disabled.

Mob disguise is disabled.

swifty52 Wow. Huge change. This means that greifing wilderness homes is legal so all of you have have the temptation to greif, do ...
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/d will be fixed when we can fix the permissions bug. to set your second home, sleep in a bed in one of the places and then do /home bed
Heard about that Hobo.... Hopefully it's not monetized for a monthly subscription O.O
soo.... Microsoft Minecraft...
and thanks for donating!
/d is not working atm sorry, did you tried ./sethome [namehome] ??
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