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Become a BlackSmith today!

[Owner] HaxtorMoogle a
HaxtorMoogle @ Wicked FPG
posted Jan 20, 15

A new rank add on package has been added to the store.
you can now become a BlackSmith! For just $40!
With this addon comes with the following abilities:

  • Allows a user to bypass MCmmo Arcane Repair so that they will never lose or damage enchantments.
  • Gives MCmmo repair abilities and salvage skills a 33.3% better chance to activate fully.
  • The ability to craft all horse armor, Iron, Gold, and Diamond along with saddles and Name Tags!
  • To top it off you can craft every type of grapple hook from wood to diamond with every Grapple hook ability unlocked!

If you do not have a rank your new title will be [BlackSmith] on every server.

You can choose to show the BlackSmith title or your main rank in chat.

This rank addon is persistent throughout the entire hub system.

BanditDude998 YAY! I'm gonna buy it

Factions Update!

[H-Admn] likeapolygraph a
likeapolygraph @ Wicked FPG
posted Jan 19, 15
Hey everyone! We hope you are enjoying all of our maps. We have made some important changes to Factions and we have some information that we would like you to know.

1. The End has been disabled. If you have a portal, you can no longer go there and if you had any homes set there they won't work. This was due to extreme amounts of enderpearls being brought into the game this way.

2. Withers are temporarily disabled. We need to do some checking to figure out why wither skeletons are dropping heads more often than they should be. Also withers are very, very overpowered when it comes to destroying bases and we don't want the drops to be messed up in favor of making it easier to spawn withers. We hope to restore them at some point so that you may get nether stars for beacons and the xp from killing one.

3. We have a new warp! /warp koth takes you to a King of the Hill arena! The goal is to stand on the top of the pyramid and become the "King of the Hill". It will announce publicly in chat that you are there and that people should come to fight you in pvp. This is currently the only public place that we have pvp right now so it can be used as a pvp arena. This area was giving out xp for you being at the top the longest, however we have removed this feature because people seek to abuse the xp levels gained. We hope to restore the xp prizes, but it won't happen until we figure out how to make it so you can only get xp if you're battling people for the top.

4. Minechat: We don't mind players coming on our server via Minechat and we think it's fine to use to talk to friends when you don't have access to your computer. However, we have it set in Factions so that the easiest way to attack a base is when members of the Faction are online. Even though you can't do anything with Minechat other than talk, YOU STILL REGISTER AS "ONLINE" meaning your base is vulnerable even if you are just sitting on your phone with Minechat or something similar. Keep this in mind when using it on Factions.

Here are some reminders about pvp and general Factions rules:
PvP is going to happen. Be prepared for it when in the wild or in your base.

In PvP, you may not log out, tp away, tp to  your home, to a friend or anything. The exceptions to this rule are if the SERVER has lag spikes with THE SERVER'S connection. We can't track or check your personal connection so if you log out during that, you might still be considered a pvp logger unless we have proof that you were lagging out, which sometimes we can see in our console. Enderpearls are allowed for now, but may be limited if they become too overpowered in fights. You can tp away if you aren't actively in combat, or if you are too far away to be attacked again, for example if you are in a bow only fight and you can cover yourself long enough to teleport before you are hit again. Your best bet to not be accused and punished of something is to just fight it out and deal with what damage you take. You should expect to need enough gear to fight against the most powerful gear you can gain because most people have at least one set of that by now.

No hacks or unauthorized mods are to be used and all bugs or glitches that change the game are to be reported. Anything that lets you gain more items than it is supposed to, it should be reported to staff immediately.

We have McMMO on Factions, but people are confused to how it works now! We did not change how it works, the coders and developers of it changed it! You now have a cooldown period after you level one skill for awhile. This cooldown varies I believe based on your level. Meaning you can't just sit and level one skill forever, you have to wait until you can level this again. The cooldown seems to vary depending on if you switch to other skills but it seems to be around 5 minutes. Keep this in mind when trying to farm McMMO. This is also why The End wasn't as op for McMMO as people expected.

I think this is everything right now. Moogle is working on fixing Skyblock problems after updating that map to 1.8 so expect that to be fixed soon.

grassby13 Dont kow if its a bug but i dont think its just whithers, every mob i kill that wears armour drops it when they die. 100 ...
lordarrani Alright, so here's the thing; PVP logging is lame and pathetic, but as someone who has had lag issues in the past, I fee ...
[S-Mod] Weasel_1963 Nice for both FPG and Skyblock!

FPG vote rewards, kits, Items shops

[Owner] HaxtorMoogle a
HaxtorMoogle @ Wicked FPG
posted Jan 8, 15
I have been working on setting up FPG to be a more PVP orientated server.
You can now get tons of obsidian if you vote on all the sites daily.

You can also get 4 god apples for 2800 points.

New Kit Daily you can use. every day:
Bare essentials needed to raid a simple base or defend yourself

New Kit Weekly you get:

I am working on a simple store with basic blocks and items in /shop with in game money.
Raid on!

PercussionGuy7 Glad to hear that a block shop is being implemented!

FPG Open!

[Owner] HaxtorMoogle a
HaxtorMoogle @ Wicked FPG
posted Jan 1, 15
FPG is open!
New server switching commands you can use /hub /wicked /towny /fpg /creative

Points system has been configured. You can now get money in FPG using points in /shop.

More info on ranks and perks to be released soon.

FPG (Factions PVP Griefing) Server opening!

[Owner] HaxtorMoogle a
HaxtorMoogle @ Wicked FPG
posted Dec 26, 14

At midnight Dec 30, the FPG server will open to the public!

Lets bring in the new year bring epic battles!

Tell your friends! Tell your foes! Battle it out on the new Server!

[Mod] Vermoordenaar3 Ninja, the towny server will remain no pvp/ no grief.
NinjaNarnian Will the fact that this has pvp on and greif on affect the no pvp on the main server? cause i dont want to poke someone ...
Never_Mad Looks good. You are a really good Builder. I was wondering, not at all advertising, or I dont mean to, but can you send ...
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