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Today I implemented a new vote point shop system that will let you choose what vote rewards you get.
When you vote now, you will be given 100 points for every 2 sites voted on.

To use these points simply use the command /shop to bring up the shop menu.

From this menu you can choose many different options that don't require points but are useful to you (still some config work to be done with the item shop)
Clicking the compass will let you go to the other servers rather then typing in the server command.
The piece of paper will have a full list of fun warps you can use with descriptions.
Clicking the Diamond brings you to the money shop, where you can get your money for the vote points.

For now you can get 500$ for 100 points, 1000$ for 200 points, and 5000$ for 900 points (slight discount)

The idea is to have rewards available on all the other mini games and servers so your vote rewards are not limited to just the main survival world. It is my goal this week to have all the servers up and running on the vote reward point system :)

Kylefromwi This is cool! Im going to save up my points until all of the shops are finalized. I get the feeling there will be things ...
demelicos a @lordarrani It will carry over till to the next day.
lordarrani I'm a little confused. If you vote on one site, do you get 50 points? Because as it stands, there isn't an even number o ...
This weekend random item drops have been increased!

New plugin installed. When you log in you are given a special firework. This lets you fire off random fireworks for fun :)

To celebrate the 4th of July we are having a 13% off rank & upgrades sale.
(13 is the number of original states in usa)

Simply use the coupon code "america hell yeah" at the checkout to get your discount :)

Remember Safety this weekend with fireworks. Playing Minecraft will be hard with missing fingers.
Soon we will have a new store where you can buy customized items with your Minecraft name on them and the WickedCraft logo.

Something I have been saving up to help support the server with.

A new industrial 40W cO2 laser cutter/ engraver.

This thing is a beast! Needs to be water cooled when running.

"oh cool moogle got a new toy using donations" False!!! I had been saving up for a year now taking scrap metal in to the scrap dealer and doing side code jobs to get the cash needed.

"ok so what can it do?"

 See tiny troll face...

This one is almost as big as your head...

First WickedCraft Logo Tests

Designing wall placards, dog tags, pens, and tons of crazy ideas.

The best one yet :)

Now if mojang keeps pushing with eula junk we can still give out real tangible items.
WickedCraft Forever!

PercussionGuy7 That's pretty sick, Moogle. Seriously, those logos look pretty awesome.
charlie260 If are ranks are taken away, will we get to have our ranks value in the shop? Or will we just keep the ranks but take aw ...
Pawthawn Nice idea, when would they be available? if you don't mind me asking.

Live Stream Weekend.

HaxtorMoogle a posted Jun 13, 14
This weekend is a Moogle Live Stream Weekend.
When I log into the server the live stream will be up and running with fun music and special events :)

Item drops have been stepped up and drop history cleared. So you will get more then usual.

Be sure to keep spots clear in your inventory, You never know what might pop up in it ^_-

Tell your friends to join and be part of the fun.

Check out the live stream here

Or here :)
There has been some changes to the rules of skywars!
You can now team as a team mode is going to be released soon!
Spawn killing will be a thing of the past. New anti spawn kill functions are being added soon!

Now for the fun Skywars info!

I am now the dev of the SkyWars plugin :)

It is now officially called WickedSkyWars!

jonakatrain sounds awesome il have to do some skywars again then.
blockdog101 thanks hax no moar spawnkillers ...
Weasel_1963 Thanks Hax!
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i want factions.
So Verm, how were your adventures in the great outdoors?
i cant connect to teamspeak :(
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