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Due to Mojangs merger with Microsoft last year, the game will now need to apply to microsofts COPPA standards. This means that players under the age of 13 will need their parents permission to play the game. This process will require a credit card and a charge of 10 cents to confirm that permission was given. How that proves anything, we do not know...

You may read more about this here: Clicky

This said, we are not microsoft and are not bound to their COPPA, players can play on this server with or without confirmed parental consent.

brettman239 ill be 13 soon anyway. The coppa does not have much relevance in places where im from aswell so it would not matter neth ...
Kolton37 It doesn't need to prove anything. They just want more money. You know how those big corporate businesses are. :/
Derpy Darkness Well , good thing im 13.
Modshop27 is hosting a mansion building contest! It starts now and goes until June 30. Read below to find out his requirements. Polly is throwing in the SteveCo keys!
Hey everyone its me, and I am doing a building competition.
1st Place:5000$ +5 diamonds + 5 random potions (5 SteveCo Keys)
2nd Place:2500$ +1 diamond+ 1 Efficienty 1 Diamond Pickaxe (3 SteveCo Keys)
3rd Place: 750$ (1 SteveCo Key)
4th Place:69$ Plus a stack of grass..(Polly will come and personally poke you)...
5th Place: Good Job?
(Polly will give you a pink sheep)

  • No Excessive amounts of cobblestone.
      • No Naughty Things. Please no one wants to see anything of that sort.
      • No Creative Mode or on the creative server. Everything must be legit on Wicked Survival
      • The Criteria is Dream Mansion so build within it or you wont win.
      • Have Fun and be creative :sick:
      • Build Within a 132x132 area and you may add gardens and other outside decoration (Water fountains, quartz pillars, gardens and trees, etc.)

      How To Enter :sick:

      You May Enter the competition by following the format: (Post it in the thread Modshop made)

      IGN(If enjin name is different than minecraft name):

      How long did it take to build your creation?:

      Personal Rating:

      5-10 Pictures of your Mansion. (You may use fly or 1 block Towers to get angle shots(Much more appreciated!)

      Last of all have fun and good luck! Judging will be on June 30th
    brettman239 I wonder how many will compete. I Know there is no one participating at the moment. Oh what's a contast btw xd ...

    I have been helping Jeff with Craft Pimp since its creation several years ago, it makes me sad to see the server go.

    Jeff has agreed to letting me copy over player data to my server to keep his dedicated players happy.

    (skyblock, creative, and skywars2 is copied over) /server cpskyblock  /server cpcreative and /server cpskywars2

    The creative server and skywars servers will be transfered over later tonight.

    I am working out how to intergrate some of CraftPimps player ranks into our own.

    I have told my staff to be leanient on enforcing some of our rules.

    To welcome CraftPimps Players I have started a discount coupon code "pimp" where you can get a 20% discount off any rank on WickedCraft.

    General FAQ about the server move

    I am working to get the CP Creative and Skyblock servers back online, both need alot of work to upgrade to 1.8 Some plugins auto updated and caused chaos then the server restarted.

    princcce7 I had a panic attack yesterday when i found out, glad to hear it's something being worked on. Is there a way to help tha ...
    [Admin] demelicos a Just FYI, this sale is for everyone, not just CP players.
    ChickenCrafter13 oh ok, thanks you ...

    There is a new huge maze designed by Orphanfour now open on the Towny Server. /warp maze to check it out

    The maze has multiple levels and traps.

    Cheaters will be punished :) we are watching

    NinjaNarnian Can't wait to try it after school!
    [Mod] orphanfour Sorry plasma, that has now been fixed
    PlasmaPod It wont let me up walk up the stairs to the final part ...
    So we have had a lot of questions about whether or not we are hiring. Right now, we have most things covered and our current staff has been handling questions from new players and keeping everything going. In the future, we may look to hire more people. Players who applied at both Wicked and Craftpimp might notice that their old staff apps have either been canceled or rejected. Fear not! This does not mean that we decided you can't be staff. It just means that Polly wanted the apps completely cleared out so we can determine who is still interested.

    Please note: Craftpimp players...you may have had a reputation for helping out the server when it was still around and maybe you were told to apply for staff then. Unfortunately, under a new staff and a new owner, we have no idea what kind of players you are. Most of you have been great with the change so far and we thank you for that. Under Wicked application rules, you need to have played on our server for 1 month before applying for staff. You also need to be at least 13 years old to apply. If you fail at either of these requirements, please don't apply and if you do, expect that your application will be rejected right away.

    Also note: On Wicked, our staff is staff on all servers. We do not have "Helper", "Builder" or similar ranks. We have a "Minion" rank but that can't be applied for. That is just given out to certain players very rarely if they have been very helpful or if they would be a good staff member but maybe don't want to be full staff at the time. We also don't have applications to apply for "Admin". When you apply and are accepted, you begin as a "Trial-Mod". We monitor how you are doing for a couple of weeks and then discuss amongst the current staff if you are suitable for the job or not. If you are, you become a "Mod/Moderator". After that, the only way progression happens is through a lot of time spent as staff and through HaxtorMoogle, Demelicos or myself recognizing that you have potential! Then maybe you could become a "Senior-Mod".

    The thing that bothers us most is when you constantly nag us about getting staff! Once you submit your app, please just leave it be. Don't ask us in game if you would make a good staff member or if we saw your app. Believe me we saw it, but we might just not be hiring or we have other candidates who applied first and better fit our requirements. Also note that we look for maturity. There's a reason why our youngest staff member is 14. We have rarely hired staff below that age and all of our staff is very mature. Polly remembers everything that you do in game. If you're swearing one day and the next day you apply for staff...yeah no.
    EnderDragon1257 Hi Polly I am 16 now. I tried a lot of times to at least get staff. But, my account got hacked and no one knows I'm actu ...
    SirLeft Thanks Poly. I'll try to help the other CP players understand. ...
    [Minion] _Wiz I would think a huge post like this wouldn't end in '...yeah no' but great information anyways!
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