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I grew tired of waiting for the dev to release a fix so I compiled it myself.

Yay magic carpet!

joszamora x how do we get on servers
PlasmaPod Glass Dupe Bug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAisMpqbKaw
PlasmaPod it is somewhat fixed magic carpet causes farmland in protected towns to turn to dirt Before After

After a ton of work, CP skyblock is now back online!

Please post any issues glitches or bugs if you find any.

princcce7 sorry for commenting on this so much but seeing as this is the only gamemode i play on minecraft period basicly, i do no...
princcce7 oh, i noticed the spawn shop doesn't work anymore. just like override, if there is anyway i can help i will. just s...
princcce7 I was wondering if you might make it ot where we can use netherportals? i know the old CPskyblock didn't, but i mad...

Spleef has been upgraded with a brand new stats tracking system and leader board!

You can now spectate your friends while they play too!!!

/warp spleef and play today!

Due to Mojangs merger with Microsoft last year, the game will now need to apply to microsofts COPPA standards. This means that players under the age of 13 will need their parents permission to play the game. This process will require a credit card and a charge of 10 cents to confirm that permission was given. How that proves anything, we do not know...

You may read more about this here: Clicky

This said, we are not microsoft and are not bound to their COPPA, players can play on this server with or without confirmed parental consent.

brettman239 ill be 13 soon anyway. The coppa does not have much relevance in places where im from aswell so it would not matter neth...
Frostbite137 It doesn't need to prove anything. They just want more money. You know how those big corporate businesses are. :/
Derpy Darkness Well , good thing im 13.
Modshop27 is hosting a mansion building contest! It starts now and goes until June 30. Read below to find out his requirements. Polly is throwing in the SteveCo keys!
Hey everyone its me, and I am doing a building competition.
1st Place:5000$ +5 diamonds + 5 random potions (5 SteveCo Keys)
2nd Place:2500$ +1 diamond+ 1 Efficienty 1 Diamond Pickaxe (3 SteveCo Keys)
3rd Place: 750$ (1 SteveCo Key)
4th Place:69$ Plus a stack of grass..(Polly will come and personally poke you)...
5th Place: Good Job?
(Polly will give you a pink sheep)

  • No Excessive amounts of cobblestone.
      • No Naughty Things. Please no one wants to see anything of that sort.
      • No Creative Mode or on the creative server. Everything must be legit on Wicked Survival
      • The Criteria is Dream Mansion so build within it or you wont win.
      • Have Fun and be creative :sick:
      • Build Within a 132x132 area and you may add gardens and other outside decoration (Water fountains, quartz pillars, gardens and trees, etc.)

      How To Enter :sick:

      You May Enter the competition by following the format: (Post it in the thread Modshop made)

      IGN(If enjin name is different than minecraft name):

      How long did it take to build your creation?:

      Personal Rating:

      5-10 Pictures of your Mansion. (You may use fly or 1 block Towers to get angle shots(Much more appreciated!)

      Last of all have fun and good luck! Judging will be on June 30th
    brettman239 I wonder how many will compete. I Know there is no one participating at the moment. Oh what's a contast btw xd
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    CraftPimp Skyblock cant get back to hub
    Woop! Keep the Wicked train chugging boys!
    Man, Spike has a point
    What happened, like seriously...
    Guys remember that in the summer alot more people play all of our old freinds and new people will probally come lets keep it going
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