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Christmas Rank sale is now in effect! 15% off all ranks and rank upgrades!

Use the coupon code "xmasyay" to get the full discount when you check out.

Help support the server and keep it running :)

Premium is now $12.75
VIP is now $25.50
Premier is now $38.25
Wicked is now $68
Hero is now $110.50
Overloard is now $238

Bugs are being found and patched fast now :)

I have implemented a new easy to use Bug Report Ticket System If you find a new unknown bug, exploit, glitch, or something that is simply broken and report it you will be rewarded.

The biggest bug find so far was by Teaghand This was a major bug that effects every server upgraded from 1.7 to 1.8. For his find he was given 5 Keys!

In the event of server destroying issues found, There may be rank upgrades given.

Update status:
  • Items and signs have been restored at spawn and in the mall.
  • Mall chest shop signs work again
  • Mall shop rental system is 45% recoded for uuid 1.8 update
  • Public Mines now useable again
  • Spleef is disabled till plugin is fixed :(
  • Town taxes and upkeep have been disabled till town balances issue is looked into
    • I'm coding a merge tool to fix the balances from the backup along with people's missing homes
  • Nations are cheaper to make now 500$ vs 1000$
  • Nation upkeep is cheaper now


  • Server loads
  • Factions still needs some configuration
  • pd command now teleports you at least 1000 blocks away from any faction

Tony messed up and halved every towns balance for no reason. I tried to fix this by giving every town 1000-5000$ but it messed up even more and took that money from every towns bank :(

To make up for this Taxes have been temporarily turned off.

There has also been several modifications. Nations now cost 500$ to start.
Towns now cost 50$ to start
Traveling costs have been drastically reduced

I am sorry for any trouble this has caused.
spidermonster88 Its always Tony ...
eli10237 Gosh dang it Tony, always screwing things up.
It took me 48 hours to complete but the server is now running 1.8 :)
All data has been backed up. Everything looks to check out.

There is a BRAND NEW NO CHEAT SYSTEM INSTALLED! No more AntiCheat!!!
This system is still being debugged. If it banns you post a report Immediately and I will unban you and give you a gift for your troubles.

Known issues:
mall shops are not working properly, the plugin needs a update.
Strange Weapons are derped, Please don't use them!
armor stands will not LWC protect
Keys and crates broken
Item drops broken :(

If you see anything unusual, find a bug, find a exploit, or something isn't working right PLEASE report it to staff or post it here on the forums. You WILL be REWARDED!

Enjoy :)

derpthebass Moogle i don't know if this has been reported but hoppers don't work they don't connect to chest or funaces.I don't know ...
Server will be down while I take a full backup and start the 1.8 update.
While waiting you can play skywars or explore creative :)

Hopefully this wont take too long.

See live update progress  with fun music on the live stream http://www.twitch.tv/haxtormoogle

MarkJ15 I've been wanting to do so much with the uno.ucho items
kylertheminer Nice to see that wicked is going to be on 1.8!
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Just so you know guys, i have quit. its happened before and for a long time. Dunno when i might come back but probably gunna give my stuff away. Happy gaming!
Me and a couple other people fought the wither! :sick:
Happy Bday
Happy B-day -Redham254
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