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You can now redeem your points to get Steve Co. keys!

1 key is 700 points.
3 keys is 1925 points - save 175 points
5 keys is 2975 points - save 525 points

Item full repair with points soon to be added
Remember /shop to get your rewards
After a extensive survey by geologists and checks by the department of health & safety The public mines have finally been given clearance to be open to the public!

All ores are findable!
Many random high value items, keep an eye out for the rare beacons and diamond blocks!

Check it out /warp mines and if you get too much dirt or cobble then do /warp trash or /warp mall and sell your bounty!
Today is my birthday!
To celebrate we have a week long sale of 15% all rank and rank upgrades!
Use the coupon code "ownerbday" to get the discount!

Sale will run from 10/20/14 to 10/27/14

Play daily for random fun events and Item drops :)

The Cake is not a lie!
SierraJules Happy Birthday!
PercussionGuy7 Happy Birthday!
gronquillo Hey its redham and I wish you a happy birthday moogle! ...
Skyblock is now 1.8 compatible and has a fun new menu system with support for a item shop. The shops will be setup soon. Unfortunately everyone's challenge level was lost due to a change in how the data was stored, The programer was dumb and didn't provide a way to convert or update the old files X_X
Vote Reward perks will soon be added to skyblock :)
You will have to re add players to your island.
  • 3 new chalanges have been added. |SkyKing, TheEnd and SkyGod.
  • You can now lock and unlock your island.
  • Three is a activity log of island events.
  • You no longer die tping to the nether
  • The end is now available to those with the high enough challenges unlocked.
  • You can now change what biome your island is set to.
MrdrDeathKill84 I found a Bug. Once I completed my "Hard" challenges, "Expert" provides an "internal Error" ...
It has come to my attention that the player TheDiamondGuy, and possibly others have been logging into WickedCraft claiming they have become  Co Owners of the server.
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the mines are great
ok thanks polly
derpthebass, idk when ill be on, but i will help you with that if I can.
Omg.. Black Pete has left a message on my townspawn :sick: Come and check it out! ./t spawn Zuidbroek
can someone help me,in skyblock i cant reset my island or get to it i just keep falling out of the world
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