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Mojang relased a new snapshot that is strange...


I have setup a test server on derp.wickedcraft.net:25569

If you want to try it...

Things are really strange... be sure to set your view distance low as it is very resource heavy

[Minion] Raging_Mongoose Hmm.. Pretty shure it's a april fools joke...

Mall has been fixed and is now working properly again.

Previous owners of shops have been given own rent on the shops they had with about the same time.

Fun new command /as  You can even add friends to your shop and /as tp to your shop sign!

[Admin] demelicos a there are 4 open, where are all the renters D:?

ok so im doing a lag check on wicked skywars to see what I can do to improve in my code. I need lots of people to play. sw.wickedcraft.net or play.wickedcraft.net and do /skywars

Skywars is slowly getting better with more fun commands.

you can now /sw play to play now along with /sw score top10 players to see the top 10 player scores.

Tell your friends!

Get your family to join!

This is a large scale test!

Random prizes will be given!

It is snowing like crazy, fast winds and low temperatures.

Lets have some fun!


15% off all ranks, upgrades, and addons!

Use the coupon code "blizzard" to get the discount when you check out :)

Click here to enter the shop

Sale ends Monday the 23rd

The snow banks are taller then the roof of my car...

My snow blower can't throw the snow any higher...

I am declaring a snow day till Saturday!

10% off everything in the rank store! That includes upgrades!

Use the code "snowday" to get the discount on checkout!



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ninja if you look add the days haxtor renews it so it will be alright it hasnt been lost for the many years it has been up so it will be fine
We will renew the website don't worry.
8 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE FREAKING WEBSITE EXPIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADD DAYS SO WE DONT LOSE THE WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!! i'd add myself but my mom wont let me!!!!
Hey guys, i'd add days myself but.. mom wont lemme. The plan expires in 14 days!!! PLEASE add days!!!
lol nevermind
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